Make Government agencies, such as the IRD, be required to continue to accept cheques

Inland Revenue has recently stopped accepting cheques as payment. Since then, we’ve been inundated by complaints from people who have no other way to make those payments.

This affects older people, including thousands of Grey Power members, who are not digitally proficient, those unable to purchase computers or without internet access, and also those with conditions such as dyslexia.

Revenue Minister Stuart Nash needs step up and help these people. His office has told us that in the past financial year Inland Revenue received more than 400,000 payments by cheque. That’s 6.8 per cent of all payments made in the last financial year.

This issue might seem trivial to Mr Nash but it’s causing distress to many New Zealanders, some of them are our most vulnerable citizens.

We're calling on Stuart Nash and the Government to require government agencies, such as IRD, ACC, and the NZ Post Group, to continue to accept cheques, and encourage banks to do to the same.

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