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Women Who Are Leaders

September 09, 2022 Share

We were delighted to host National Deputy Leader Nicola Willis in the electorate on Monday 29 August. We took advantage of Nicola’s business acumen by inviting her to join the panel for our Women Who Are Leaders / He Wāhine Rangatira event in the afternoon.

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Bayly's Business Brief Aug/Sept 2022

September 09, 2022 Share

Welcome to my business newsletter for Aug/Sept 2022 that includes a roundup of news from my portfolios and Parliament.

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The Government’s distrust of family trusts

August 22, 2022 Share

Since the Labour Government came into power, the Minister of Revenue, David Parker, has been on a mission to tackle wealth and income inequality in New Zealand.

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Time to change the thinking on the procurement of building materials

May 30, 2022 Share

The building and construction industry is a vital part of the New Zealand economy, employing over 280,000 people. With the current housing crisis, it is essential that we have a framework that allows for innovation to increase capacity. But we are currently inhibiting our ability to innovate quickly.

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HamiltonJet a victim of poor Government policy

May 06, 2022 Share

The news that HamiltonJet is considering moving some of its manufacturing offshore owing to its difficulty in finding skilled workers is an indictment of the Government’s lack of support for NZ manufacturers.

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Beware the changes to the Incorporated Societies Act

April 29, 2022 Share

The Incorporated Societies Act 2022 sets out a new modern framework for incorporated societies and those who run them. However, some of the new changes could have very negative effects.

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New lending law changes causing problems

March 04, 2022 Share

If you have recently tried to apply for a home loan or mortgage, you might have found your application being declined by your bank. You might have had the necessary income to cover the repayments, so the bank’s decision has probably left you scratching your head in disbelief.

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Are Fair Pay Agreements really fair on small businesses?

February 25, 2022 Share

Small businesses have really done it tough over the last 18 months, with numerous lockdowns and long periods of being unable to operate. When all the outgoings have been paid, only then can the business owner take what’s left for themselves.

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A tsunami of stress affecting construction workers

February 17, 2022 Share

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on the mental health of construction workers, with a ‘perfect storm’ of supply chain issues, rapidly rising costs and a drastic shortage of skilled labour piling on the pressure – a good deal of which can be attributed to the Government’s failure to deliver.

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New Zealand has become a divided society

February 16, 2022 Share

Speech prepared for the debate on the Prime Minister’s Statement, 15 February 2022

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