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The big housing card the Government should be playing

April 06, 2021 Share

New Zealand needs to become far more innovative in the way we pay for and deliver infrastructure if we want to address problems like housing affordability.

As published in the NZ Herald, 5 April 2021

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Electronic banking not that easy for everyone

March 26, 2021 Share

For many people, electronic banking is their preferred means of making financial transactions, but the reduction of bank branches in our smaller townships and rural communities is unconscionable.

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Coping with lockdown woes

March 01, 2021 Share

Ongoing lockdowns for Auckland have caused headaches aplenty in the adjoining regions, with some residents of Waikato suddenly finding themselves classed as Aucklanders.

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What will this year bring?

January 18, 2021 Share

Amongst the many lessons Covid has taught us, perhaps the most important is how much we should value the freedoms we have. And while the rest of the world struggles to contain the virus and its devastating impact on health and economic systems, we should take nothing for granted.

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Port Waikato MP rises through the ranks

December 04, 2020 Share

The 53rd Parliament promises to offer many challenges as we continue to negotiate the Covid-19 pandemic and try to protect our economy and the social fabric of our country.

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Thank you for your support

October 20, 2020 Share

A massive and heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported me at the election.

I feel honoured to have been elected as MP for the new electorate of Port Waikato and I’m looking forward to becoming part of its many communities.


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Twyford threatens manufacturing future

September 22, 2020 Share

NZ Steel, concrete businesses and successful local firms like Steel Rite Framing in Tuakau will be hit hard by Phil Twyford’s latest proposal.


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Good news for small business

August 28, 2020 Share

Small businesses are so vital to NZ from an economic and social perspective.  They fuel our economy, employ many of our people and are integral to any community.


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Shambles at the border

August 28, 2020 Share

Much of the debate around border control in the latest Covid-19 lockdown has focused on the international borders.

Down here in Franklin, where my electorate is, we have been having our own significant border control issues.


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PJs please!

June 03, 2020 Share

Jan Wallace of Pukekohe Community Action needs our help.

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