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Resource management reforms – lost in translation already?

August 16, 2021 Share

The proposed changes to our resource management systems are too complex, are going to take far too long to enact to free up land, and won’t make any meaningful change to our complex planning rules.

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Why productivity matters

July 23, 2021 Share

Small to medium-sized businesses make a significant contribution to New Zealand’s economy, but many face the challenge of how to achieve greater productivity.

As published in E Local magazine, July 2021


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National’s capital markets agenda

May 31, 2021 Share

The capital markets play an incredibly important role in allowing businesses to expand and grow.

As published in the NZ Herald, Business section, Friday 28 May 2021

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What I would do if I was finance minister

May 19, 2021 Share

With vaccination programmes underway and many countries now opening their borders, the time has come for a reset so that we can better position our economy for growth. We need to spend where there is need and save where there is waste.

As published in the NZ Herald, 17 May 2021

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Fundamental changes needed to lift sinking productivity

May 07, 2021 Share

Indian businesses make a significant contribution to New Zealand. Many face the challenge of how to achieve greater productivity – and this doesn’t mean working longer, but smarter and employing better technology and plant and equipment.

As published on Indian Newslink

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Kiwis face rapid cost increases thanks to recent government decisions

April 27, 2021 Share

As Sir Isaac Newton observed, all actions have an equal and opposite reaction.

As published in the Sunday Star-Times 25 April 2021

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Let’s get houses built!

April 21, 2021 Share

The Kiwi dream has long been to own your own home, but rising house prices means getting on the property ladder is now out of reach for many, especially our younger generations.

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The big housing card the Government should be playing

April 06, 2021 Share

New Zealand needs to become far more innovative in the way we pay for and deliver infrastructure if we want to address problems like housing affordability.

As published in the NZ Herald, 5 April 2021

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Electronic banking not that easy for everyone

March 26, 2021 Share

For many people, electronic banking is their preferred means of making financial transactions, but the reduction of bank branches in our smaller townships and rural communities is unconscionable.

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Coping with lockdown woes

March 01, 2021 Share

Ongoing lockdowns for Auckland have caused headaches aplenty in the adjoining regions, with some residents of Waikato suddenly finding themselves classed as Aucklanders.

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