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Ten houses flooded in Kawakawa Bay, Ness Valley (Clevedon), Clevedon and Head Road, Hunua with evacuation of seven families required.

The Kawakawa Bay kindergarten flooded and will remain closed for at least one week.  The Hunua Bowling club is also flooded.
The last three permanent resident families blocked by a large slip at the end of Kawakawa Bay now have limited road access and have been supplied with generators.

Extensive damage at northern end of the cliffs at Orere. One building damaged and loss of land in the frontage of some houses.



Roads currently blocked are Twilight Road, due to large slip; and Orere-Kaiaua (slip), and down to one lane in two places along the Maraetai Coast Road.

Concerns about the bridge on Head Road, Hunua. Civil Defence have undertaken an inspection.

Caution required on all other roads.



Power restored to all but about 14 families, some of whom are holiday homes.

Vector advise that the area around Kawakawa Bay Coast road  will take up to 5 days to repair due to extensive damage and risk of slips.


Water and Wastewater

All dams in the Hunua Ranges are full. Please note that WaterCare does not have the ability to open these  dams       to release water, contrary to public myth.

Due to heavy sedimentation Ardmore Water Treatment Plant operating at limited capacity so water restrictions (20 litres per person) have been requested by WaterCare.

Beachlands and Kawakawa Bay wastewater treatment stations are working.



Widespread slips on farms that have ruined many fences.

Significant loss of silage bales that have floated down a number of rivers in Hunua and Clevedon.

Extensive forestry debris including big logs have been moved down the river in Ness Valley Clevedon. There is concern that  some large logs have now floated into Clevedon Estuary and the area outside Orere Point.  Auckland Harbourmaster has issued a warning to anyone using the Harbour.

Extensive damage to some mooring poles in the Wairoa River which have necessitated some people moving their boats.


Given the weather outlook has improved substantially I do not intend to issue any further update bulletins.  However, I want to acknowledge the wonderful community spirit that has been evident in helping neighbours and others in trouble.  In addition, I have personally observed the dedication of Auckland Transport’s contractors in clearing the roads and the efforts of Vector to get as many people re-connected as soon as possible.  Finally, we would not be where we are without the fantastic role the Beachlands, Clevedon, Hunua, Kawakawa Bay and Orere Fire Brigades and Police have undertaken in keeping us all safe.  Well done to each and every one of you.


If you do need to call me, please contact me on 021 766100.

Andrew Bayly

MP for Hunua

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